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World Trade in times of COVIT-19


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WTC Hamburg is one of  324 World Trade Centers.

We represent the Hamburg Metropolitan Region within the organization exclusively .







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World Trade Center Hamburg's task is to seek and create opportunities that are directly or indirectly suitable for increasing or facilitating participation in world trade for clients - usually members.


World Trade Center Hamburg is also responsible for contributing to the prosperity of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region.


The political and sociocultural, turbulent circumstances require faster reaction times, risk reduction and a - geographically - broad positioning.

Here the World Trade Centers Association was and is not the missing link but a "global assist".





Each World Trade Center has its own focus in its work. Each World Trade Center defines the type, scope, target groups and remuneration for its services. For this reason, it is impossible for us to provide services directly to a customer if we are not the directly responsible World Trade Center. Your World Trade Center is our primary contact to track your interests.



     World Trade Centers Hamburg Services for non-members



  • Each and every service of the World Trade Center Hamburg is available, cheaper or free of charge if you ask your WTC to contact us in your purposes.


  • In case of any benefit for our members or regions most services are free of charge.


  • In our local communication, your company name will appear only on request.


  • Feel free to order charged services.


  • In case of benefit for our member or massive benefit for our region - no charges.


  • For all described services the Terms of Service (current release) are binding.


  • Inquiries and orders have to be in German or English language.

... probably the best way to global connection.

World Trade Center Hamburg operates a Business Club. Members of other World Trade Centers have membership rights at the World Trade Center Hamburg. This does not apply to services that your World Trade Center provides at your location as well as business initiations with companies outside the German-speaking area or at the location of another WTC. Participation in the World Trade Center Hamburg Foundation is also excluded.

If your company is based in Germany, visit our German website.


Why WTC members are privileged?

World Trade Center Hamburg is not are not interested in participating in your business success. We are interested in the development of cooperation, trade and exchange between our members.



What about contacts to companies in other regions?

We will try our very best. But: We do not engage in regions with an other operating World Trade Center. If it occurs that an inquiry meets perfectly to a company that is member of an other WTC in Germany, we will inform the WTC immediately as far as we get notice about.



How to become a member of a World Trade Center?

1. Visit the Website of the World Trade Centers Association. (https://www.wtca.org/locations)

2. Choose the WTC that is at your location or closest to it.

3. Visit the website of the chosen WTC to get the relevant Terms and Conditions or ask directly for membership opportunities.



No WTC in your Region?

Very unlikely but possible. Choose one WTC worldwide that is most suitable for your needs to become a temporary member.



Who can apply for membership in Hamburg?

Anyone who lives, has an office or branch-office, an intention to open an office in the metropolitan area of Hamburg or in Germany at a place, where still no operating World Trade Center is present.

For the second case, membership will not be extended with the opportunity to become member at your location.

You are welcome to apply for membership if you are already member of another World Trade Center Business Club. Advantage: Your global goals will be pursued. Different World Trade Centers - different plans and programs.

Questions, offers, applications: info(at)wtchh.com


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No meetings and events at the moment.

We will report on all our future events as well as events by members and our recommendations and hints regarding upcoming events of other World Trade Centers and partners.

 WTC Hamburg relies on fast, classical but Online and facts based relationship developments and marketing. Today Germany is not the market for webinars to pamper anyone. But the need of online education is high, for several reasons. This is hopefully the short the time of the front rows for straight cash flow and not  only for well being in virtual community. WTC Hamburg can just react on developments and shape it´s portfolio of services.

Trade Promotion, Trade meetings, trade shows, trade fairs, CLUB MEETINGS, RECEPTIONS.

With the expansion and development of the World Trade Center Hamburg Club, WTC Hamburg will offer several opportunities to join our activities, particularly for World Trade Center Members.

WTC will use the time to use various, also new, formats that will be used in all areas as an alternative and then in parallel to traditional types of events. All areas that are more relevant in the area of team building, social components, the special moments of good conversations and contacts that happen by chance, as well as the entire area MICE (meeting, incentives, conference, exhibitions) require a new interpretation.

A webinar or a video conference is not an equivalent substitute. These will be exciting times in which we will have to assess the effort, risk and benefits, much more than before, quantitatively and qualitatively, over longer periods and effects




The virus will soon become part of our everyday life. Medicines and vaccinations will be the norm for many countries, Corona will leave economic traces that need to be eliminated as soon as possible. Meshing in countries that are already severely affected by infections such as Malaria and HIV requires our ability to continue to provide more development aid. Nobody knows when Corona's ugly relatives knock on the door.


The advantage of WTC is clear. We are present and structured worldwide. We can shorten times through our network.


In times of global crises, World Trade Center Hamburg offers free services that only serve to establish effective, quick contacts in order to close supply chains, achieve quick business deals and generate growth. These services are also provided for non-members.


Contact your World Trade Center to forward your business interests with German companies to us.

Some African countries have no WTC. Please contact your Chamber of Commerce, the regional business development agency or the German Ambassy  - Economy and Trade. They can use several channels to meet your requirements.


Else:  nocrisis(at)wtchh.com







Iconic buildings, excellent services, trade education, trade-shows, fairs, conventions,  ..., support and exchange - all this is behind the World Trade Center idea - but it is even more.


Our work and opportunity is about actively and constructively taking part in trading business and establishing business relationships.

The popular phrase of bilateral relations, to demonstrate that both sides have benefits from commercial transactions is a necessary entry-level argument in multilateral networking.


The World Trade Centers Association is one of the appropriate instruments and sensitive regulation systems to work globally at fairness, balance and communication. The way in which our long-term contribution is made, is determined by the way in which we decide to support. We are not political. The members of the World Trade Centers Association are committed to each other - with different manifestations and methods. This commitment to each other is the advantage for all participants connected to World Trade Centers.


Globalization is more than sharing viruses which might be an initial part of getting back to local production for "own people".  Globalization is more than "catching" licenses in poor countries to plunder raw materials. Globalization is more than finding the worst (cheapest)  labor conditions and life security. If it was asbestos or now seldom earths - many lives are less worthy than substantially less others.


Globalization is neighborhood and responsibility, less donation, more cooperation.


How will you explain a mother who lost 4 of her seven children by illness and starvation that she should better look on her carbon footprint when she cut a tree to make fire to boil drinking water - clean but not clear.


World Trade Centers are useful instruments to narrow gaps by communication and transactions.

We are building bridges - mainly trade related - knowing that obstacles and barriers are not the efficient way to nourish more than 7bn neighbors.


Dipl.-Ing. Marc Krautwedel







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  • The founding members are Club Members
  • "Own" long-term projects
  • respective strategy of full cost recovery
  • cascading funding system
  • operated and decided only by club members


  • WTC can name and operationally retire if change basic conditions (discharge of responsibility for projects, political or religious influence, support of foreign projects and foundations, etc.)
  • WTC provides free administrative functions.








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