There are few, but accurate, reasons why a World Trade Center must be physically present in its economic region.

  • Local contact point for national and international visitors.
  • Meeting point of the regional economy.
  • Increasing the media representation of the economic area.
  • Increased bed occupancy in hotels, especially if they are part of a WTC complex or are within walking distance.
  • Execution of trade shows, conferences, coachings, ... .
  • Increase in visitors and exhibitors at trade fairs.
  • On-site support for foreign companies.
  • Safe, good investment for the property owner with a possible, high investment volume.


  •  WORLD TRADE CENTER , a WIN / WIN / WIN situation.



The establishment of international business contacts can also be carried out successfully in the back office or, depending on the "degree of infection" (SARS-CoV-2 and subsequent pathogens) in the home office.

A building complex will never be so large that WTC only cares about the interests of the tenants.

Digitization will sensibly optimize many components in the workflow. The effort for the preparation and implementation of communication is reduced. Coincidences, also creative and constructive, will occur less. Business lunches will, at least in part, give way, at least in part, to save time.


A World Trade Center, as an object, creates a working day and communication environment that serves the factors of productivity, international networking, and trust.

The regional interpretation of World Trade Centers is different. In several states and economic regions, various functions and types of use (convention, trade fair, technology park, emails, living, leisure and recreation) are combined in large ensembles in WTCs. Advantages: Fortune 500 companies as tenants, WTC as a central contact point. All areas within walking distance. WTCs are often part or side area of ​​chambers or ministries.

  • The larger a World Trade Center building ensemble is, the greater the impact benefit for the region.
  • World Trade Center buildings are address. Small users are not lost in it and large users are not key users who alone ensure the profitability of the property.
  • Fluctuations are rare.
  • Full rental and waiting lists due to in-house expansion and new tenants are common.
  • Fast first letting is common.
  • Rents are usually between 8 and 20% above the market level.
  • The sales factor is higher. (Yield security, lower letting risk).



Options of Implementation

Park as a campus solution

The WTC Hamburg can be realized as a park, on a meadow, with good public transport connections and various types of use. Components: Various and flexible office solutions, hotel/s, living, leisure, recreation, children daycare, training facilities retail and gastronomy, exhibition areas, medical center, wholesale, technology park, hubs, research, non-disturbing fabrication.

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Hotel solution

WTC for additional occupancy of the hotel, all areas. Prerequisite: good location and accessibility. Hotel as a meeting point and event location.


Existing object

Requirements: high vacancy rate and / or renovation backlog, large property/ensemble with sometimes “unpleasant", difficult to market areas (depth of space, neighborhood)


Pure office building

Prerequisite: Hotel/s, daily needs and catering in the neighborhood. A large lobby with different areas is required.




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